After years of working for several gardening companies on Nantucket Island, Kristina's love for the gardens continued to grow as well as her love for the island.  Thus, the creation of Kristina Wixted Gardens was developed.  A self-taught gardener with deep roots from Europe, gardening had been a part of her life since she was a young child.  Raised by parents who they themselves relished in the craft, they passed the skill of gardening on to all family members, from grafting fruit trees, to growing vegetable gardens, to tending to all flower care.  The outdoors was the playground of Kristina's early years and continues to be so today.

KWG was created in 2005 with a mission to focus on creating gardens that showcase rhythm and balance, while applying color and textures that seamlessly blend together.  The key elements that you will find in a KWG design are simplicity, tradition, and precision.  We work very closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are met, all the while creating, cultivating and nurturing their future and existing landscapes.  We establish gardens where the client feels at ease and can enjoy the display of flowers that continue to bloom throughout the seasons.  Gardens are continuously nurtured throughout all of the growing seasons; from spring into summer into fall.  Every garden experiences an explosion of bloom from one month to the next, with the exception of winter of course.  At KWG our love for the island of Nantucket is always at the forefront of our being and we are continuously protecting our waters, while maintaining health, beauty and balance within the gardens.

Over the years, Kristina herself had received several requests from her clients to bring the beauty of her outdoor creations to the inside.  In 2008 KWG began the floral design and arrangement services of the company, from weddings, cocktail parties, luncheons, to dinner parties or just to have throughout the home.  In following the same lines as garden design, floral arranging continues to display the signature KWG classic and tasteful look. 


Kristina Wixted Gardens is a member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) and adheres to Best Management Practices (BMP) for landscape fertilizer use on Nantucket Island.